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You deserve to treat yourself.

Pour Into Yourself & Indulge in The Abundance and Luxury You’ve Always Desired and Deserved

The modern Black woman is a force of nature:
A contemporary queen whose melanin is magic itself, whose resilience is gold and
whose excellence is unmatched.
And as a queen, you deserve to experience the luxury, abundance and indulgence
fit for a sophisticated, modern-day royal such as yourself.
And not just on special occasions or self-care Sunday, either.
Luxury should and can be a part of your everyday experience: from setting the
mood for a productive day with the grounding scent of incense, to reconnecting
with faith in the middle of the afternoon with carefully crafted journals and

devotionals, to rewarding yourself for showing up as you are with a muscle-
melting bath soak ...

You deserve it ALL. And you want to treat your mind and body with products that
remind you of exactly that.
And thanks to the luxury lifestyle and faith products from Felicia Jarrell, you’ll
never forget.

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My husband smelled the incense and took them to his man cave, smh.

Adrienne Thomas

It smells JUST like ‘I’m clocking out don’t bother me’. It smells like ‘it’s 5 o’clock somewhere leeme lone’. It smells like ‘ imma see y’all after I turn on waiting to exhale nd light this candle nd incense nd have me a glass of wine.

Ash Will

It smells absolutely amazing! Idk if I’m uncultured or something but I have never smelled anything like it. The FJ products are 🔥. It’s feminine, soft, alluring, and dare I say sexy!

Angel Adams

Elegance. Abundance. Luxury.

From deeply connecting devotionals to rich hand lotions to relaxation-inducing bath soaks, candles, journals, apparel and more, we give you the potions to turn your Black girl magic into the essence of luxury.

Because you are luxury defined.

Everything you put in and on your body should be made of the highest quality, class and care.
You know what you deserve. Let Felicia Jarrell help you go after it.
Exude elegance, indulge in abundance and live the luxurious lifestyle you deserve.