Meet Felicia Jarrell

 Hey there! I'm Felicia Jarrell, the visionary force behind Goldmine & Coco and my blossoming personal brand. You can catch my latest ventures and inspirational content on Instagram, TikTok, and my new YouTube channel, where my audience grows daily. As a now Dallas-based entrepreneur, speaker, and influencer, I craft content that empowers and uplifts women in entrepreneurship, self-care, and success.

With 14 years of marriage and two wonderful children by my side, my journey isn't just about personal success; it's about community and connection.

I leverage my extensive knowledge in sales, marketing, and meticulous attention to detail to support other women in writing their own success stories. Whether through engaging posts or impactful speeches, I'm here to elevate lives and inspire action.

My dedication has cultivated a community of over 50,000 people with Goldmine & Coco, and now, I'm channeling this experience into building the Felicia Jarrell brand. With a foundation in creating and maintaining a thriving business, I'm passionate about sharing insights on entrepreneurship, profitability, and community building. As a multi-faceted individual with multiple layers and ranges, I also focus on lifestyle, self-care, and even tech. With 25K+ followers across platforms, I’ve created a space where motivation and empowerment thrive. Let's collaborate and create undeniable magic together.