Paradise Luxury Candle

Paradise Luxury Candle

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Introducing Paradise, a scent that encapsulates the bliss of sun-kissed beaches and the serenity of balmy days. This 16 oz candle, housed in an elegant jar, is not just a fragrance; it's your ticket to an everlasting paradise.

Key Features:

  • Exotic Scent Profile: Embark on a sensory journey with the zesty allure of bergamot, the soothing whispers of sea salt, the delicate grace of orchid, and a playful splash of tropical fruit. This unique blend captures the rhythm of the ocean and the brightness of a sunlit day.
  • Long-Lasting Luxury: Enjoy over 48 hours of burn time, allowing you to savor the scent of summer for days on end.
  • Premium Wax Blend: Our Paradise candle is crafted with a superior wax blend, ensuring a clean, even burn that heightens your experience.
  • Ideal for: Infusing your space with the vibrant energy of a beach getaway, perfect for your relaxation corner, bathroom, or as a refreshing touch to your living area.

Why Choose Paradise by Felicia Jarrell?

Paradise is more than a scent; it's a lifestyle. Each note is meticulously chosen to transport you to your favorite beachside retreat. Whether you're reminiscing about past vacations or dreaming of future getaways, this candle is your companion in creating a haven of relaxation and joy.

Perfect for Gifting: Surprise and delight a loved one with Paradise, a thoughtful gift that brings the essence of summer into any home.

Transform Your Space: Let Paradise elevate your surroundings, turning every room into a luxurious beachfront penthouse. This scent is not just about looking chic; it's about embodying the spirit of summer elegance.